Getting started with homeopathy is easy. You just need to be observant of your symptoms and any changes you might see in those symptoms. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use other supplements such as green multivitamins (we recommend the Synergy Brand),some kind of humic and fulvic acids such as BlackMP Living Powder,  organic probiotics from Livia Global, Vitamin D and C and E, as well as a fish oil. Homeopathic ‘supplements’ are more like remedies to be used when you’re sick, so don’t confuse them with the supplements you should be taking every day to keep you from becoming sick. If you do get sick, pay special attention to any symptoms that stand out the most and what kind of behavioral and environmental factors make it better or worse.
Once you have an idea of what your symptoms are, you’re ready to start searching for the remedy that best fits your symptoms. Sites such as are good databases to reference. It’s important to be as specific as possible with what your symptoms are. For example, it’s not enough to say that you’re anxious. Are you aggressive anxious, or nervous anxious? Your answer could mean the difference between two very different remedies, and adding specifics will help you to match the right remedy to your exact symptoms.

Can I still take conventional medicines?

Conventional medicines require you take them on a regular basis, however, homeopathic remedies are taken only as needed and you no longer have to take them when your symptoms have subsided. How often you take a remedy is dependent on what kind of condition you have, and whether it is acute or chronic. An acute condition doesn’t last long, but it can surface suddenly and have intense symptoms. Chronic diseases are ones that have persisting symptoms that last for a long period of time and tend to be reoccurring. (more…)